Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thanks to all who came out to our first fundraiser!

I have to say, I'm so excited for all our new company members!  Aleisha Paspuel, Amy Freitas, Analeigh Sanderson, Eiby, Lobos, Melanie Francom, and Monica Remes!  Not only do they bring a new and exciting energy to the group, they also worked extremely hard to make this fundraiser a success!  Special thanks to Porridge for Goldilocks and Michael Garber for their special performances. Also, a very special thanks to Mestizo's Coffee House for letting us use the space-no strings attached! And don't worry, if you couldn't make it, you can head to our website on our fundraiser page and donate via paypal.  Please do!  We want our company to grow an expand!

-Serena Webb

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